Expressions of the Mother’s Day Express

Jessica enjoys a Piece of Cake cupcake on the Mother's Day Express

Jessica enjoys a Piece of Cake cupcake on the Mother’s Day Express

“Where’s the car with the food?” That was the first question my twelve-year-old son, Jason, asked as we waited in line for the Mother’s Day Express last Sunday. I pointed to the Edward Gillette car, and he
seemed to feel better just knowing where the goodies were. Always his goal.

My goal, of course, was just spending time with my children–Justin, Jason and Jessica–and my mom, Janice. I obtained my goal, but we all took home something unexpected. Jessica, my eight year old, was enchanted by the balloons, or “floating decorations” as she called them, on the train and looking out the window. My mom took away some Black Hills history she learned from listening to the narrator. My fourteen-year-old son, Justin, took home the tune of “She’ll be coming ’round the mountain” from a singalong Hill City musician Brent Morris led with his guitar. (Of course, Justin will now deny that!) Jason took home cupcake icing…on his coat…on his pants…and on his nose.

As for me, I took home the joy of riding the train (free of electronics) and listening to my kids talk, giggle and, well, fight too. I actually have to apologize to the whole 1880 crew who had to clean up after us…with all the crumbs and spilled sparkling juice we left behind. I also took home a very cool 1880 Train shirt from the Keystone Depot.

So plan next year to take your mom on the Mother’s Day Express. You’ll come away with more than cupcakes and champagne!

Written by Debbie Ketel, the new 1880 Train blogger. By night, on weekends and between kids’ events, I convey the vision of the 1880 Train to YOU. (I’m also learning about trains.) Join the blog and take part in my journey!

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