1880 Train to Host Rail Summer Camp

Prairies+to+Peaks+1.22I made my confession at the get-go—that I’m new to trains. I didn’t learn all there was to know when I was younger. Maybe that’s you too. Maybe your kids, who have stored Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends in the closet by now, want to know about REAL trains. Well, the 1880 Train is here to help. Here is how:

The 1880 Train, in partnership with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), is hosting the first Prairies to Peaks Iron Horse Rail Summer Camp June 10-14 at the Black Hills Central Railroad in Hill City, SD. The camp’s main purpose is to teach young people, ages 11-15 years, rail safety around highway/rail grade crossings, railroad rights-of-ways, rail equipment and rail operations. In addition, it seeks to educate them about the many different crafts which are necessary to operate a railroad and strives to expose them to the opportunities available in the rail industry. The goal is to educate and build the next generation of safety conscience railroad employees. An example of the agenda is found here.

The camp (including food and lodging) is free and is sponsored by area railroad companies, rail labor unions, rail safety organizations and the FRA. Applications may be obtained by emailing william.naylor@dot.gov. Campers will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. Campers are responsible for transportation to and from camp. Application deadline is May 25.

Written by Debbie Ketel, the new 1880 Train blogger. By night, on weekends and between kids’ events, I convey the vision of the 1880 Train to YOU. (I’m also learning about trains.) Join the blog and take part in my journey!

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