Top Seven Things a 9-Year-Old Asks on the Holiday Express

Jessica poses with an 1880 Train elf in front of the Holiday Express.

Jessica poses with an 1880 Train elf in front of the Holiday Express.

I took my daughter, Jessica, on the Holiday Express last Saturday and had a special time riding together and singing familiar Christmas songs at the same time. She REALLY knows the “falalalalas” well to Deck the Halls. What I will remember most are some of the cute questions she asked. Here are the top 7 questions. Oh to be a child again…

#7. Confused that Santa was taking pictures with kids at the Hill City depot, she asked, “Are we leaving Santa?”
#6. “Is this a magical train?”
#5. “Does this train turn into the Polar Express?”
#4. While listening to the 1880 Train version of The Night Before Christmas she asked, “I think they got that wrong. Did they change the story?”
#3. When the train started moving with Santa on board, she asked, “Are we kidnapping Santa?”
#2 When looking at the picture of her and an 1880 Train elf that I posted on the 1880 Train facebook page, my little marketer said, “I only got 46 likes. That’s not very good out of 944 views, is it?”

And the #1 one cute question she asked was:
#1. When viewing Santa’s workshop from the window of the train, she inquired, “How can all the elves fit in there?”

What will you remember from the Holiday Express? May the wonder of a child brighten yo

Written by Debbie Ketel, the 1880 Train blogger. By night, on weekends and between kids’ events, I convey the vision of the 1880 Train to YOU. (I’m also learning about trains.) Join the blog and take part in my journey!

ur Holiday season!!


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