The Train Team

1880staff7Operating the 1880 Train takes more than the engine, it takes a team of professionals (from the engineer to the ticket agent) to give passengers a pleasant experience. Here’s a brief synopsis about the 1880 Train crew.

Engineer – The engineer is in control of the speed and direction of the train, and he blows the whistle. That’s the fun part!

Fireman – The fireman monitors the amount of fuel and water the engine is using. In the case of the 1880 Train, which burns used motor oil, the fireman uses the injector to add fuel to the fire. The amount of water in the engine is viewed using the water glass. The fireman needs to constantly watch both the steam pressure of the engine as well as the water level in the water glass. In this case, a watched pot DOES boil.

Conductor – The conductor is in charge of everyone and everything on the train. (Be nice!) During the ride, he collects tickets, assists passengers and monitors the engine and train cars to make sure everything is operating correctly.

Brakeman – Brakes are good. During the ride, he assists passengers and other crew members and also monitors the engine and train cars. While in station, the brakeman sets and releases the hand brake on the train cars and assists with the boarding process and concessions.

High-Liner Snack Shoppe – A girl’s gotta eat! Eatery staff ride on board the train and sell refreshments such as soda, candy and popcorn to passengers. Eatery staff also work in the Hill City station at the High-Liner Snack Shoppe, which has a wide menu, including hot dogs, nachos, sodas and ice cream. Yum!

Depot Gift Shop Staff – Shopping is ALWAYS good. Gift shop staff sell souvenirs and gifts to passengers and assist passengers with questions about the operation and make guest reservations.

Ticket & Reservation Agents – These people are your “go-to” people. Agents reserve and sell train tickets and also help to answer questions passengers may have.

Maintenance Staff – A clean train is a happy train. Maintenance staff assists with boarding the train while it is in station, answer passenger questions and make sure the grounds and facilities are clean and well maintained.

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