Steam Seminar On for Second Season

steam seminar promo postcard 2014After a successful first year, the 1880 Train is holding two Steam Seminars again this season on June 21 and September 6 from 8 am-noon at the Hill City station.

For those who haven’t attended, this is what you can expect: Railroad Engineer Mike Grimm will give an overview of the inner workings of a steam engine. But then he will put the classroom behind and take the group out to see the real thing in action, a steam train firing up for the day. Least you think this is an easy process, it actually takes 3 hours for the train to get fired up. Not a quick process (and, no, you won’t stand there for the whole process!)

Next, attendees will see the water tower and hear why the hundreds of gallons are needed to travel from Hill City to Keystone and back.

Inside the Engine House, Mike will give a brake demonstration and dispell any notions that train brakes just “go out” on a regular basis, like what happens in the movies. Nor can cars easily break loose from the rest of the train, like when the good guys are trying to get rid of the bad guys. I don’t know about you, but I’m OK with that news.

Mike will also go through the casting process. Since they can’t just go buy needed parts at Lowe’s or Menards, they make all of their own parts in the Engine House. A talented group!

The highlight of the day will be getting inside the cab of Steam Engine #7. Participants are able to get a look at the controls and really understand how it works.

As you can see, the Steam Seminar is not just talk. It’s hands-on and interactive for all ages and backgrounds. I hope you take part in the next one coming up on June 21  or September 6. Register now!

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  1. ShaylaAni says:

    Really appreciate you sharing this blog.Really looking forward to read more.

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