Engine of the Week: Diesel #63

engine-front_63The Black Hills Central Railroad runs diesel locomotives the first run of every day and when the steam engine is in need of maintenance. Number 63 is a GP9 model diesel built by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad as #6178 in November of 1956.The unit was renumbered to 63 when purchased by the Indiana and Ohio Railroad, and it retained that same number during subsequent sales to the Northeast Kansas and Missouri Railroad, Chillicothe-Brunswick Railroad and Progressive Rail, Incorporated.

BHC purchased the 63 from Progressive in June, 2006. It was moved by rail from Northfield, MN, to Rapid City and then trucked to Keystone Junction and placed on BHC’s rails.locomotive63a

The locomotive is used in switching, special excursions, and as needed when other locomotives need maintenance.

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