What is in a Mile? (Mile 3, that is)

Harney Peak

Harney Peak can be seen in the distance while riding on the 1880 Train.

Here’s what you can expect riding the 1880 Train to Mile Post 3:

As you come into Kennedyville and Addie Camp, the gray two-story Kennedy house that once housed the town’s grocery and bar are in the meadow west of the tracks.

Passing through Addie Camp, you can see the grade of the railroad spur that led to the Addie Mine. The Addie Mine main shaft went down 800 feet.

Later down the line, you will see a big, weathered building to the north of the tracks. This is the Good Luck Tungsten Mine, which flourished during both World Wars.

Next you will come to Palmer Gulch, which was the site of placer gold operations in 1875. If you look south, you can see Harney Peak with its stone fire lookout tower at the top. Harney Peak, at 7,242 feet, is the highest point between the Rocky Mountains and the Alps.

Check back for what you can experience to Mile Post 4, or see for yourself and reserve a seat on the 1880 Train this season!

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