Remember to “Name That Train”

The 1880 Train/Black Hills Central Railroad (BHC) recently purchased rail car #403, a Jewett-built interurban passenger car, to add to the fleet. It is a fully enclosed car. The BHC is encouraging the public to help find the perfect name for it by entering the “Name That Train” Contest by May 9. More information and contest rules may be found at Participation is free.

The winner will be selected by the 1880 Train board of directors and announced on May 21, 2016, during the 1880 Train Appreciation Day at 9:30 am. The winner will receive a 1880 Train Gift Basket, four complimentary train passes to use for any regular train ride during the 2016 regular season AND four Holiday Express passes.

The new car was originally built by the Jewett car company for Bamberger Railroad in Utah in 1910. In 2012, the BHC purchased it from Heber Valley Railroad and sent it to Gomaco Trolley Company in Ida Grove, Iowa, to be reconditioned.

Number 403 arrived in Hill City in late January, 2016, without seats in the car to make the load as light as possible in transit from Iowa to the Black Hills.  The BHC Engine House crew constructed the metal bases and wooden arms for each of the seats. The seat cushions were upholstered in Rapid City and assembled back at the Engine House. The seats are now installed and the car can accommodate 60 passengers.

Restoring rolling stock continues to be integral to the BHC mission. Some of the other cars the railroad has restored and maintain include: Edward Gillette, Keystone, Oreville, Rochford, Hilyo, Redfern, Mystic, Harney Canyon and Blue Bird.  For more on BHC rolling stock, go to our website for a list.

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